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At JRS Manufacturing Group, we set up and develop welding procedures for a wide range of clients throughout South East Queensland and Nationally. A qualified welding procedure is a mandatory requirement for various application standards and customer specifications. Welding compliance procedures are a key part of the quality system element of process control, and control of this documentation and its implementation is essential.

As such, our Toowoomba welding experts can develop and qualify procedures in accordance with client specifications and standards, and will maintain the qualification of the welder to meet compliance requirements. Our experts will communicate with designers and the end user to ensure that qualified procedures are developed appropriately and ensure these are followed throughout the fabrication process. All supporting documentation is provided with a Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR). Speak to our team today to book a consultation

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At JRS Manufacturing Group, we provide in-house third-party NATA-certified inspections and testing for all clients. All reports and results are provided in our Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR) upon completion.

Manufacturers Data Report

Every fabrication project, if required, is accompanied with a Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR). This report is a pivotal part of our quality assurance measures and incorporates the definition of client requirements. This is an ongoing process that continues until the compilation of documentation and delivery of the project.

At JRS Manufacturing Group, we follow a set of procedures and processes to ensure every component is compliant with relevant standards and client specifications. This includes the application of comprehensive inspections and test plans, the following of welding procedures, ongoing and final dimension checks and non-destructive testing. It can also include details of manufactured components. All reports and certificates are fully traceable and are included in the Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR).

Reports may include:
Welding Compliance Man Data Report

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