On-Site Services

We recognise that in-house manufacturing is only one piece of the project puzzle for our clients. This is why we have developed strategic On-Site Services for our clients.

Were passionate about helping our clients maintain business continuum and safety standards that enable their people to operate equipment at the highest level of safety. 

2 CREWS WELDING PIPE IN THE TRENCHDelivering quality oversight of welding services is also another service that sets JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP apart from others in the metal manufacturing industry.

Some of these On-Site services include:

  • Welding inspection
  • Metal Testing
  • Project Installation
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance

What Our Clients Say

  • We've been contracting JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP to assist with design and development of our products for over 3 years now. We're always more than happy with the outcome as it helps our business growth and production over and above our expectations.
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