DSC 8646Air Tip Side Tipper

JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP are proud to be the contracted manufacturer of Air Tip Side Tipper Trailers.

The delivery of the first 4 Airtip Side Tipper 9.2metre Bins. Fabricated, Painted and Assembled by JRS Manufacturing Group. A Revolution in Side Tipping Technology with the entire system run on air rather than hydraulics. Making it safer, reliable, and environmentally friendly.


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Structural FabricationPlate & Structural Fabrication

Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication is one of the foundational services we provide at JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP, based in Toowoomba.

With a focus in the Mining and Agricultural industries we provide quality work under time sensitive schedules, making us a preferred choice for steel manufacturing in Toowoomba.

We continue to grow and expand, serving both domestic and international customers with projects all over South East Queensland.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are prepared to tackle the most challenging of project requirements and delivery schedules. We have the ability to work with heavy and difficult projects using both ferrous and nonferrous materials. 

Our expertise in the area of plate work and alloys allows us to efficiently complete jobs outside the capabilities of most fabricators across the region.

Certified Pipe Welding

We’re certified Pipe Welders who take pride in every project.We have implemented systems and procedures to ensure all our pipe welding is to the highest standards. JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP utilises specific pipe welding equipment designed to ensure a faultless product each time.

On completion, hydrostatic pressure testing is undertaken as per client requirements.Certified Pipe Welding

  • Miller Pipeworx
  • Dual Wire Feed
  • Rotators
  • Numerous Weld Procedures
  • 100% NDE




Weld InspectionWeld Inspection Supervision & Testing

Providing a certified metal testing service has added a new level to our quality & safety  procedures and systems which enable  to comply with the Australian Standard Relevant to our field of work. 

Our partner is able to work with all standards and also registered with Drill Stream Inspection TH Hill DS 1, familiar with API specification.

Welder Qualification

A welding certification is a procedure or a welder qualification test. If a welder has the skill level and follows the procedure then he/she should produce the same weld as the procedure specifies.

JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP has qualified staff capable of undertaking the supervision and qualification of welders.

Weld SupervisionHealth and Safety

Our independent metal testing partners aim is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all the personnel and others involved in this operation.100 % compliance with all site facilities requirements.

The company is available 24/7 on call, to provide service anywhere and to assist us with continuity of a high quality project delivery.


On-Site Services

We recognise that in-house manufacturing is only one piece of the project puzzle for our clients. This is why we have developed strategic On-Site Services for our clients.

Were passionate about helping our clients maintain business continuum and safety standards that enable their people to operate equipment at the highest level of safety. 

2 CREWS WELDING PIPE IN THE TRENCHDelivering quality oversight of welding services is also another service that sets JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP apart from others in the metal manufacturing industry.

Some of these On-Site services include:

  • Welding inspection
  • Metal Testing
  • Project Installation
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance

Hire Certified WledweHire A Certified Welder

JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP offer training services and labour hire for businesses requiring certified welding on projects.

We also offer training services and labour hire and can provide machinery, certified welding (pressure and structural), high-risk workers, certified welding specialists (AS 1796 ticketed welders) and certified weld supervisors (IWS, AS 2214 and AS 1796 Cert 10 supervisor available).

Call us for an evaluation Ph: 0428 924 280

Project Manager

Our ability to provide consistent Project Management for clients in the agricultural, mining and construction industries continues to grow.

We've developed communication, design, manufacturing and human resource systems to cope with all types and sizes of metal manufacturing projects.

Painting-02Industrial Metal Painting

Protective Coatings

Offering a wide range of services, which include Abrasive Blasting, Protective Coatings, Spray Painting and Corrosion Prevention.

We also offer, Detailed Electronic Coating Inspection Reports, Coating Specification Design or we can apply Coatings as per Project specifications.  

A protective Coating is an industrial paint or coating defined by its protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both.  We have multiple Protective Coating Systems in place, or we can use a project specific system to suit.

2 Coat System

Our Two Coat system is our base model designed for enhanced corrosion protection while providing a flat, smooth high gloss finish. Consisting of a Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer and Polyurethane High Gloss Topcoat, This system is widely used in variety of applications including Energy and Transport sectors.

3 Coat System

Our Three Coat System is our Top model designed to provide maximum protection, Including Chemical and Corrosion resistance, while providing a smooth high gloss finish.  Consisting of a Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer, Phenalkamine Epoxy Undercoat and Polyurethane High Gloss Topcoat. This system is mainly used on a variety of Mining equipment and Machines, or where a High level of protection is required.

Quality Assurance

Quality and attention to detail in our Paint Shop is Paramount. With our Production line, we have the ability to assess each component individually at each stage of the coating process; this ensures our final product is of the highest quality.

Using the latest Elcometer Electronic Inspection Equipment, with our Inspection Reports, ensure all works are performed to the highest quality and to the required Specification.

Sand Blasting-05Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Blasting is performed to clean a substrate of all contaminates as well as provide a surface profile before Coating. Incorrect cleaning and profiling of a substrate can affect the performance of a Coating System.

With our Blasting procedures and inspection equipment, all blasting is performed to the highest quality and standards before coating.

We use and recommend GMA Garnet. Known for its natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics, Garnet abrasives are composed of natural Almandite garnet grains that meet all OH+S requirements as well as being environmentally inert.

What Our Clients Say

  • We've been contracting JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP to assist with design and development of our products for over 3 years now. We're always more than happy with the outcome as it helps our business growth and production over and above our expectations.
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