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Team Jason Riddle

Jason Riddle


As farm boy from Felton East just south of Toowoomba I used to sit and watch my father weld items for our farm. I enrolled in a welding course in grade 10 that took place at night and really enjoyed it so I left school to start an apprenticeship. I developed my skills and completed my apprenticeship at Gessner’s, afterwards pursuing work in Central Qld on heavy plate specialising in FCAW; and in Mt Isa within the mines. I was eager to travel and spent many months working in Ireland and Europe in construction. I returned to Australia and after working within structural steel for a short time I was successful in gaining employment at Russell Mineral Equipment. This is where I refined my skills and further developed a passion for heavy plate and project based manufacturing.

My passion for fabrication ignites from the initial consultation. I enjoy working to ensure products are viable to fabricate and fit for purpose through close consultation with the client and industry specialists. Ongoing attention to detail drives the quality and timeliness of a project and I thrive when situations require dynamic problem solving and perseverance.

JRS has grown to become Australia’s premier fabricator. The company is renowned for getting the job done on time and with outstanding quality.
My advice to those sourcing a specialist manufacturer is to always ensure that you have a full understanding of what you are going to receive from your fabricator. The communication and transparency of the facility and its functions should be consistent throughout your project.

Robert Sowden


Raised in Jondaryan, moved to Toowoomba to begin my working career. From a young age I always had an interest in building things and I chose boiler making as a trade because it’s versatile with seemingly endless possibilities. I started as an apprentice at AG Rigging and Steel and once I became qualified I worked at Russell Mineral Equipment and at Bucyrus Australia before deciding to embark on self-employment. My current position as Director at JRS Manufacturing Group has by far been the most invaluable learning experience to date.

I enjoy working with structural steel and heavy plate fabrication. Completing a fabrication to the highest level of compliance possible, working within tight tolerances in both fabrication and welding and achieving it is extremely rewarding. By far my favourite project would be the construction of the Boom and Tri Structure for Dragline 42 while working for Bucyrus. My current focus is to continue to provide direction at JRS Manufacturing Group so it can grow into a highly regarded manufacturer.

Our motto is, ‘Believe in Quality’ and that’s what our team do across all facets of the business.

Team Robert Sowden
Team Jasmine Riddle

Jasmine Riddle

Operations Manager

Background – extensive RAN history deployed in both active and peacetime service.

Focus – attention to detail, communication, project management and planning, problem solving, scheduling and compliance.

Desire to promote JRS Manufacturing Group and their incredible skillset of quality fabrication and outstanding fabrication consultation.