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Superior Quality
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Cleaning, Profiling & Coating

At JRS Manufacturing Group, we provide abrasive blasting and coating to all clients throughout Toowoomba and greater South East Queensland. Abrasive blasting is performed in order to clean a substrate of all contaminants, as well as to provide a surface profile before coating.

Incorrect cleaning and profiling of a substrate can affect the performance of a coating system. With our tried and tested blasting procedures and inspection equipment, all blasting is performed to the highest standard before coating.

Coating reports for all specifications are available and are included in a JRS Manufacturing Group MDR. We can also manage and QA the requirements for Galvanizing, Zinc Plating and Powder Coating as per your specification. Get in touch with us today to book.

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Abrasive Blast and Paint

Our Fabrication Work

Our Toowoomba fabrication experts manufacture a wide range of custom steel products for clients in the construction, mining, civil, oil and gas, and agricultural sectors. We provide:

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