Our Team Culture

Our staff are highly trained and are passionate and proud to produce finishes that impress.

Our commitment to a high level of transparent relationship with our clients from project brief to delivery ensures communication, expectations and results are maintained throughout every step of the process.

These key elements combined with our drive and determination continue to prove that the team JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP, 'Believe in Quality'.

Workshop LayoutManufacturing Workshop

Our extensive workshop setup is situated at Shed 1/41 Industrial Avenue Toowoomba. It is a spacious, well planned and safe fabrication environment.

It is central to the Toowoomba Industrial and Commercial precinct and has direct access via main roads to the Oil and Gas fields of the Surat Basin and Agricultural surrounds. 

Workshop Layout Pipe Welding BayThe workshop houses welding stations, positioned so that our staff can take full advantage of the overhead crane and floor forklift to ensure that during construction, every angle of our projects are exposed and accessible.  This also helps us deliver our quality manufactured products in a timely manner.

At JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP, planning, creating and delivering products that consistently display unsurpassed quality standards is what we do best. This is why we are known as the preferred supplier of heavy steel manufactured products across the South East Queensland region.

All of our steel materials are sourced from quality mills and components also have a strict eye cast over them to ensure compliance.

Quaility ControlQuality & Industry Standards

Our high levels of communication and the suitability of our management systems enable JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP to understand the needs of our industry and our clients.

We closely monitor our clients’ level of satisfaction after completion of fabrication, ensuring that not only our immediate clients, but also product end-users and other stakeholders benefit from the quality of our work. We establish and maintain our objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating inefficiencies.

At JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP we continually ensure that purchased equipment and materials are fit for their purpose, meet required standards and do not compromise quality. We continuously undertake quality inspection and testing practices, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

With ongoing monitoring, inspection, and measurement the effectiveness of our quality management goals and systems are reported and therefore improve our business through business plans, goal setting and performance measurement.


JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP procedures and implements all required codes and standards relative to the project requirements. Our supervisors and staff are familiar with and remain informed on amendments and improvements to the AS/NZ and International Codes through training and education.JRS

Safety, Health & Environment Systems

At JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP we have a commitment to sound health, safety and environmental management. Our policies provide a controlled work environment that protects the health, safety and welfare of all employees and visitors at our premises and work sites.

We value our staff, their future and their families, which is why we place so much emphasis on getting this component of our business model right.

We strive to have a positive environmental impact by embracing the use of sustainable resources and energy reduction measures through the control of our waste, and regard for our environment during all processes.

What Our Clients Say

  • We've been contracting JRS MANUFACTURING GROUP to assist with design and development of our products for over 3 years now. We're always more than happy with the outcome as it helps our business growth and production over and above our expectations.
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